Lipofirm - Instantly Remove Fat & Cellulite

The Easiest, Fastest, and Most Cost-Effective Way to Remodel Your Body

Designed by doctors and physicians, Lipofirm is a multi-award winning device that instantly removes fat and cellulite from a targeted area.

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Unlike for example Liposuction, Lipofirm does not involve surgery and is non-invasive. As such, it is a quicker, more comfortable, and a more cost-effective way to get the results you are looking for. There are no injections or anaesthetic, you don’t need to take time out to recover, and after each 45 Minute session you will be able to clearly see the improvements that it’s made.

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Key Benefits

  • Stomach Inch Loss and Skin Tightening
  • Cellulite Reduction on Buttocks and Legs
  • Bingo Wings Tightening
  • Stretch Mark Reduction
  • Back Fat Reduction
  • Instant, Long-Term Results
  • Quick, Convenient, and No Recovery Time
  • Medically-Certified. Used by Doctors and Physicians
  • Very Safe
  • Skin Resurfacing
  • Lifting, Toning, and Firming of Muscles
  • Detoxification and Improved Drainage
  • More Cost-Effective Than Alternative Treatments
  • Payment Plan Option

The details of how it works are quite complicated (which you can read on their website here), but to summarise the Lipofirm technology uniquely combines TriLipo Radiofrequency and TriLipo Dynamic Muscle Activation. Working in parallel using a single applicator, they create a synergistic effect that delivers non-invasive fat removal, lymphatic drainage, and skin tightening.

Lipofirm Before-After Photos (Click to Enlarge)

Lipofirm Before and After for Stomach
Lipofirm Before and After for Buttocks
Lipofirm Before and After for Arms
Lipofirm Before and After for Chin

Although the Lipofirm technology is medically certified (an even harder status to attain than ‘clinically-proven’), we recommend this treatment for moderate inch loss and not for extreme weight loss (please contact us for bespoke weight loss solutions).

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Treatment Options

All prices start from £100. A minimum course of 8 is recommended per area (an Easy Payment Plan is available).

Brazilian Butt Lift60 Mins
Stomach Inch Loss and Skin Tightening45 Mins
Bingo Wings Tightening45 Mins
Cellulite Reduction 60 Mins
Back Fat Reduction45 Mins
Stretch Mark Reduction45 Mins

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